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ex·plo·ra·tion (eks'plŏr-ā'shŭn) An Energetic evaluation, commonly involving a dental or surgical process, to confirm ailments existing within a physique cavity being an support in analysis.

seven. to undertake to specific, as when opposition or resistance appears likely to comply with; be bold enough; dare: I venture to say that you are behaving foolishly.

Medicines are sometimes prescribed for applications other than Those people shown in the Medication Guide. Usually do not use XEOMIN® for your issue for which it wasn't prescribed.

Some political conservatives against enhanced public acceptance of homosexuality engaged in outing in this era at the same time, with the target of uncomfortable or discrediting their ideological foes. Conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza, for instance, printed the letters of gay fellow pupils at Dartmouth Faculty inside the campus newspaper he edited (The Dartmouth Review) in 1981; a several years later, succeeding Review editor Laura Ingraham had a meeting of the campus gay organization secretly tape-recorded, then revealed a transcript as part of an editorial denouncing the group as "cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites".

2. an function that affects or involves an individual etcetera. The earthquake was a terrible experience. wedervaring تَجْرِبَه، حَدَث преживяване experiência zážitek das Erlebnis oplevelse εμπειρίαexperiencia elamus پیشامد؛ سرگذشت kokemus épreuveחוויה अनुभव iskustvo élmény peristiwa (lífs)reynsla esperienza 体験 경험, 체험 išgyvenimas, įvykis pārdzīvojums; piedzīvojums pengalaman ervaringopplevelseprzeżycie واقعه،حادثه،تيرشوى حال experiência încercare случаи; испытание zážitok preizkušnja iskustvo upplevelse ประสบการณ์ olay, hadise 經歷 випадок ایسا واقعہ جو کسی مشاہد کو متاثر کرے sự từng trải 经历

The phrase will also be utilised additional broadly to mean publicly disclosing other particular traits, for example political affiliation, ethnic origin or faith, that someone wishes to help keep private. See also

Alongside with the higher towing capability arrived all-new steering, braking and electronic programs to assist the Expedition improved Manage and maneuver prolonged large trailers. Adaptive variable help ability rack-and-pinion steering was launched together with the largest brake rotors from the phase at that time (13.

If your harassment incorporates threats of damage to you personally or others, Keep to the processes on dealing with threats of damage.

Can you think Starbucks made these insane drinks?Starbucks is really a coffee chain that is definitely noted for its progressive and inventive items, so it really is no surprise that the corporate keeps bringing prospects new wacky creations. Online video furnished by TheStreet

Swallowing challenges may well final for quite a few months. Individuals who simply cannot swallow properly might need a feeding tube to acquire food and h2o.

This Variation is predicted to be additional aggressive with the Suburban/Yukon XL from the very long wheelbase SUV section, a place where GM dominates; when images with the fourth generation Expedition was unveiled, a the vast majority of the images and videos indicated in which Ford desires to focus on the MAX at.

In major conditions or where privacy and off-wiki areas are a concern (e.g., in which personal particular information is part of The problem, or on-wiki issues unfold to e-mail and 'genuine environment' harassment, or very similar), it is possible to Get in touch with the Arbitration Committee. To my site possess own information faraway from site histories Call the oversight team.

Any edit that "outs" anyone need to be reverted promptly, followed by a request for oversight to delete that edit from Wikipedia completely. Any administrator may redact it pending oversight, even though the administrator is associated. If an editor has previously posted their particular own information but later redacted it, it should not be recurring on Wikipedia, Whilst references to nonetheless-existing, self-disclosed information are certainly not regarded outing.

As soon as settled on the plantation he appeared to prefer to sit on the huge portico from the shade of among the list of huge Corinthian pillars, cigarette smoking his cigar lazily and listening attentively to Gaston's experience as a sugar planter.

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